Kite Stories

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“I learned the hard way how to teach a kid to fly a kite.  When my children were young, we went out to a ranch in the country with a good old fashioned kite.  After assembling it, tying on the tail and rigging the string, we were ready to run and get that baby up in the air!  What we hadn’t figured on is that there were so many mesquite trees all around that we couldn’t get a good running start in any direction.  After that, we went to UT’s intramural fields, and caught the wind on the first try.  They say you need the right tool for the job….but you also need the right field for a kite!  And you just can’t beat Zilker Park for kite flying. That’s my Kite Story.”

Suki Steinhauser, Executive Director, Communities in Schools of Central Texas


“My earliest kite story is being young – probably six or seven and flying a kite at my grandmother’s house.  I remember thinking it was magical (and a little scary) that this black, plastic, delta-wing kite with yellow, stick on eyes, could ascend into the sky and pull so mightily against the string tethering it to a small little boy standing in his grandmother’s big back yard. That’s my Kite Story.”

Les Stobart, Director of Marketing, ABC Home & Commercial Services


“I can remember when I was a little girl, my father would take my sister and me to the San Jacinto Monument near the Houston Ship Channel. He would always pick up a couple of kites and we would work to see how high we would get them and measure against that very tall monument. That’s my Kite Story….”

Rebecca Glenn Gindele, Event Director of the 2015 ABC Zilker Kite Festival


“One of my first dates with my wife was at a kite making workshop at Northwest Recreation Center in North Austin. She insisted that we get down on the gym floor along with all the kids and decorate our kite. She then guided me through putting the sticks and string on the sail. After the workshop we went to my old Junior High School, which sat on the top of a hill, to fly our kites. With her help, I flew a kite for the first time. They say if you fly a kite with someone, you can learn a lot about them and whether you should marry them. I must have done O.K., since my Kite Story happened over 25 years ago and we’re still married.”

Dorsey Twidwell, Member of The Exchange Club of Austin (founders of the Kite Festival)